Thank You for using TripCaddie! We are so glad you are here! As much as we have tried to make TripCaddie as user-friendly as possible, we know there are going to be questions. This FAQ is intended to give you quick answers to some frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please email us at contactus@tripcaddie.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks again for using TripCaddie; we are excited to provide you and your buddies an easy and fun solution to organize your buddies golf trip!

Check out the TripCaddie QUICK START to section to get a general overview. If you already get it but have more specific questions see the FAQ section below. Enjoy!


In essence, trip caddie creates a central website for you and your buddies to plan your golf trip and we provide all of the tools to help you plan, social and remember it. From pairings and scoring to finances, pictures, videos and trophies; it is all right here to simplify the planning to make your buddy golf trip a memorable one!

There are three main sections to the website (see Figure 1.0): Home Page (login), My Trips, and Trip Home. When you login you will be guided to the My Trips page where you can Create a Trip. The My Trips page is where you access all of the trips you are planning or have already gone on. Since you just got to the site, you haven’t attended any trips, nor have you created any, so now you Create a Trip by selecting the menu item. After selecting the Plan a Trip link, this starts a process where you set up the Trip’s Home page for the group. Enter the name of the trip, where you are going, the dates etc. Once that is complete, it drops you off at that trip’s Trip Home page. Now, you as the Trip Leader, can create an itinerary and add golf courses and activities, or you can start inviting your buddies to the planning site. You create an itinerary by adding activities on your trip. At this point, TripCaddie is all about what you and your buddies want to do and golf courses you want to play – it can be anything; anywhere, just add an activity (golf is considered an activity)! After you create your trip, you can then access it from the My Trips page, or you can create other trips for other or the same golf buddies. The beauty about this is that all of the trip content from any trip is aggregated for you on the My Trips page so you don’t always have to dig through each trip to find pictures, video etc. We’ve already consolidated the content for you.

What is TripCaddie?

TripCaddie.com offers you and your golf buddies the convenience of a central hub to plan, communicate, chat, book travel and remember one of the best weeks of the year…your buddy golf trip! It offers exclusive features for your group to view and book prime golf destinations then build an itinerary, pairings, and scoring while capturing the moments with custom photo and video albums and so much more. TripCaddie.com wants to help you achieve the ultimate golf trip experience and the ability to track and access the memories year over year.

Additionally, TripCaddie.com offers a true social media experience that is unique and valuable to every golf group. Not only can your group collaborate directly on the site using the trip wall, polls and discussions; your group can access the community of all of the other golf groups on the site that share information on how to make trips better. TripCaddie.com provides community features highlighting trip planning discussions, games, jokes and ratings for destinations. When your itinerary is set, TripCaddie.com offers easy booking of flights, hotels and cars using the powerful Orbitz travel technology.

Come plan a trip with TripCaddie.com. Lock in your scores on each round and remind your buddy who won in match play! Settle the wagers and trip finances using the Strudel. Win a trophy to archive in the virtual trophy room and hold bragging rights over your buddies forever! This is the Fantasy Football site of buddy golf trips. You will be able to track, store and access all of your golf trips, year after year. For duffers to scratch golfers, it works great for multiple day golf trips or single day golf outings.

How much does it cost to plan a trip?

TripCaddie is FREE for a limited time. We are so excited you are here and we want you to get a feel for the site and give us feedback. The best feedback we can receive is you telling your friends to use TripCaddie too!

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by logging into the site at www.tripcaddie.com, then select Edit Profile on the My Trips page. Don’t forget to save after you change your password!

What if I forget my username or password?

No problem. Visit www.tripcaddie.com then select the “forgot username and password” link near the login button. You will need to enter the username or email address that you used to register to the site in order to receive an email that gives you further instructions to change your password.

Do you sell my (or my buddies) contact information or email address?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The founders of TripCaddie are adamantly against the selling of user information or using your information in any other way other than identifying you with us. We believe that being part of the solution and not the spam problem makes the internet a much, much better place and continues to allow TripCaddie to be a trusted business on the web.

What are the key features of TripCaddie and how do I use them?

So glad you asked! Here is a rundown of the features:

Website Tour Highlights:

There are 3 main pages to the website: The site “Homepage”, “My Trips” page and “Trip Home” page. Register and Login at the Homepage. After you login, you will be taken to your “My Trips” page where you can access all of the trips you have taken or socialize with other people who plan buddy golf trips through our community features. When you view an existing trip or a plan a new trip, you will be able to invite your buddies to the trip, and plan your trip on the “Trip Home” page.

My Trips Page:

This is your primary page to manage all of your trips. Each time you log in, you will land on the My Trips page. You will access every new, current or past trip from this page. You will also manage your profile and access the community features from this page.

Plan a New Trip

Select Plan a new trip if you are initiating a new golf trip with your buddies. By selecting “Plan a New Trip” you will create a new trip home page for that event and you will be the primary organizer of the trips information (for your group you are a “Commissioner” or “Captain” or “Trip Leader”).

Profile Info and Change Profile

This is where you manage your account and overall persona on the website. When you registered, you entered certain information that shows your name. In your profile you create a nickname and can upload an “avatar”, profile picture, or any image that represents you. We use this information to distinguish you from your golf buddies on all of your trips. Remember, the same profile information is used in each trip you take, you cannot have a personal profile for each trip.

Current and Upcoming Trips

This area shows all of the trips you have taken and ones you are about to take. Click a trip to go to that trip’s “Trip Home” page. Trips that have an image next to it represent trips that you are the “Trip Commissioner”, “Captain” or “Trip Leader”.

Community Features

These features connect you with other people who are using TripCaddie to plan their own buddy golf trips. Use these features to tap into the knowledge and ideas of other planners who organize buddy golf trips.

In the Clubhouse – This is a general discussion group where you can post a topic, respond to someone else’s topic or just read the great content that is generated by golf trip planners using the website.

Itinerary Browser – This feature allows you to view some content on other groups itineraries on the site to get ideas about what to do. This may help you see what other people did on a buddy trip to Orlando. Get ideas for golf courses, restaurants, spa’s, bars, clubs, etc. We respect your group’s privacy, so we only show top-level information like the name and location of the activity. NEVER do we show the name of the group or group members who attended the activity.

Games – This is a list games to play while golfing with your buddies that is created by all of our users on the site. Upload rules to your favorite game or search games for ideas. This is intended to hold the rules of games so you can have more fun!

Jokes – This is a list of jokes to take with you on your trip, or just to read and get a chuckle or two while you and your buddies are planning your trip. You can read, create, comment and rate jokes in this area.

My Trip Galleries (All my trips)

All of your trips pictures, videos, leaderboards/scorecards, and awards are accessible in your My Trip Galleries. We placed them here so you can quickly access them easily by not having to dig through each trip to find them.

My Favs – These are pictures and videos from within any of your picture/video galleries that you have selected as a favorite. You will only be able to mark a favorite from a trip that you attended and still have access to.

Pic/Vid Gallery – The pictures and videos within this gallery are aggregated and sorted by trip from all of the trips you have attended and still have access to.

Leaderboards – The Leaderboards within this gallery are aggregated and sorted by trip from all of the trips you have attended and still have access to. You will also be able to access the scorecards for each round associated to the Leaderboard here.

Awards – The Awards within this gallery are aggregated and sorted by trip from all of the trips you have attended and still have access to.

Trip Blogs

Trip Blogs are exactly that, a compilation of each Trip Blog for all of your trips; we just put them all in one place to make accessing your memories easier. Just click on any trip that you want to review and enjoy. You must have access to the Trip to view the Trip Blog.

Recent Updates (All my trips)

Whenever you or anyone makes an update to any trip that you belong to, TripCaddie keeps a log for you. You can review all of these updates in one location so you can keep up to date instantly for all of your trips. Click on any of the updates and you will be able to jump to that trip to see the update.

Pro Shop

We have built many relationships with key golf product and services providers that would be valuable to buddy golf trips and placed their links here in the Pro Shop. Most of these providers have a link to their website so that you can purchase directly from their sites. Keep in mind, when you click on one of these links, it will open a separate browser window so you don’t lose your place on TripCaddie.

Book Travel Now

We have built a relationship with Orbitz.com, a national online retailer for purchasing Flights, Hotels and Cars for both foreign and domestic trips. Keep in mind, when you click on this link, it will open a separate browser window so you don’t lose your place on TripCaddie. After you book your flights, hotels and cars, don’t forget to update your Itinerary, Accommodations and Logistics for your Trip.

Book Tee Times Now

We have built a relationship with GolfNow.com, a national online retailer for purchasing tee times at many golf courses in major markets. After you book your tee times, don’t forget to update your Itinerary and Parings for your Trip.

Trip Home Page:

The Trip Home Page is your planning page for your buddy’s golf trip. This is the centralized location for all of the group’s trip information. Every trip on TripCaddie will have its own page and its own set of participants who will attend that particular trip. Create a new planning page for each golf trip you plan. Since every trip is different, you will need to invite the participants of each trip each time. Important: When you create a trip, you become the Trip Leader or also called “Commissioner”, who has special access on TripCaddie. The Trip Leader is responsible for updating the Itinerary, accommodations, logistics, tee times, scores and more. It is a big responsibility, so if you are not up for the challenge, you can switch to another member of your group anytime.

Trip Profile and Welcome Message

When you build your planning page (aka Trip Home), you will be asked some questions about where and when you are going on your golf trip. Enter that information here, but remember you can always change it later. Also, you can add an image or logo that represents that particular trip. You will also want to welcome your buddies to the trip by entering a welcome message. All of this information can be changed and updated at any time before the trip begins.


The weather widget is based on the city, state/province, and Country entered in the Trip Profile. This provides a 5-day forecast of the weather beginning on the current day you are viewing it.

Itinerary Summary (and Full Itinerary)

The Itinerary Summary is a high-level view of the full Itinerary page. This shows the activities planned for the trip in sequential order by date. Enter key Activities such as golf, eating, drinking, gambling, etc. that the group will manage a schedule to follow during the trip. TripCaddie, uses the “Golf” Activity for pairings and scoring, so be sure to keep this up to date and accurate. Click on the Full View to see more details about the Itinerary and expose the Accommodations and Logistics features within.

Attendance and Status

The Attendance and Status module is designed to help the group see who is coming to the golf trip by each person’s status of who has been invited, accepted or rejected the invitation by the Trip Leader. TripCaddie acknowledges that not everyone who attends the golf trip may not use your planning site on TripCaddie, therefore other planning features will still work even if someone has not accepted the TripCaddie invitation but still plans to attend the golf trip. It is always best to invite everyone to your TripCaddie planning site anyway so your Pairings, Scoring and Leaderboard will work most effectively.

The Trip Leader is the only one who has special access to:

Email (the attendees): Select one or more participants then select the “Email” button. You will be able to personalize a comment and send it to their registered email addresses.

Send Invite: Select “Send Invite” to invite one or multiple buddies to the golf trip planning page on TripCaddie. Add a personalized comment to the invitation and it will be sent like email. Each person will receive an invitation with an option to accept or reject the Trip Leaders invitation to access the planning site on TripCaddie.

Revoke (access): The Trip Leader is allowed to revoke access and remove attendees from the trip planning site for a particular golf trip that he was invited to. The user will be able to maintain his account on TripCaddie, but will no longer access your planning site. It is best practice to revoke, or remove, access to participants who have declined the Trip Leader’s invitation. To revoke access, select one or more participants then select the “Revoke” button.

Change Trip Leader: It is important to note, there are unique functions a Trip Leader can perform on TripCaddie that others cannot. It is a big responsibility, so sometimes it is necessary to have someone else take over the planning duties of the golf trip. To change the Trip Leader, select a participant in the selection box and confirm.


You can only change the Trip Leader to another participant who has ACCEPTED the invitation to the trip.

You will be able to perform the following functions:

Invite and revoke membership to the golf trip planning page
Update Scores and Strudel for everyone, not just yourself
Lock the Scoring and Strudel to freeze data entry
Email everyone in the trip using TripCaddie
Change Trip Leader to someone esle

Pro Shop

TripCaddie has carefully hand-selected its retailers in the Pro Shop. By clicking on any retailer, you will be brought to their website where you can purchase their goods or services directly through their sites then easily return to TripCaddie to continue planning. TripCaddie is not responsible for any goods or services these retailers offer and ask that you please take up all purchase, product or service inquiries with them. We would appreciate any feedback about your experiences with these retailers by emailing us at contactus@tripcaddie.com.

Trip Blog

Use the Trip Blog to summarize your trip to capture all of your favorite memories so everyone can refer back to it later. The Trip Blog is only editable by the Trip Leader but participants can form commentary about the blog post.

Wall Tab

Use the wall to socialize with your buddies while planning and anticipating your golf trip. Post a comment or respond to someone else’s comment.

Discussions Tab

Use the Discussion forum to create and organize independent thought processes while collecting everyone’s remarks. For example, you could use this feature to discuss the scoring and wager format that you will use while on the trip.

Polls Tab

If you have trouble gaining consensus on something, use the Polls feature to ask a question to the group and have them select options to vote on.

Recent Updates

Use the recent updates to review all of the activity that has been done on your group’s site. TripCaddie automatically records many key actions that your participants do on the site so you can quickly see who has said or done what at a glance.

Book Travel Now

TripCaddie has partnered with a major online travel services provider (Orbitz.com) to get you to your destination quickly and at low price. By clicking on the Orbitz button, a new browser will pop open allowing you to book Air, Hotel and Rental Cars directly from their site. Don’t forget, they also sell great golf packages in their destinations section. When you are done, simply transfer your reservations to your TripCaddie Itinerary.

Book Tee Times

TripCaddie has partnered with a major online tee time booking provider (GolfNow.com) to get you great tee times at mostly a better price than what you will find by calling the course directly. They also have many of your favorite courses around the United States. By clicking on the GolfNow button, you will be able to book your tee times directly within TripCaddie. When you are done, simply transfer your tee times to your TripCaddie Pairings feature.

Trip Tools

Leaderboard - The TripCaddie Leaderboard is where you can track your scores and your group's standings per round and for the entire trip. Select a Round on the Leaderboard to view the scorecard and/or enter your scores during or after your trip.

Please note: Your Trip Leader has special privileges to edit the scores and manage the Leaderboard. Remember, there must be a "Golf" type activity on your itinerary to use this module.

Pairings - The TripCaddie Pairings Module is for managing your trips tee times at each golf course. After your tee times are made with the courses, your Trip Leader has special privileges to enter the tee times and make the pairings for the group. Remember, there must be a "Golf" type activity on your itinerary to use this module.

Awards - There are two ways to create virtual trophies for anyone on your golf trip. You can create a trophy and immediately award it to someone, or you can create a trophy and allow anyone on your trip vote for the winner. Once a trophy is awarded, it will become part of your profile.

Strudel - The Strudel is your trips accounting module that reconciles and tracks all of the group's finances so that everyone that attends the trip has an even cash outlay. The Strudel will calculate the group's expenses, side bets (wagers) and winnings so each participant in the group can see how much he owes or is owed.

Please note: Each trip participant should enter their shareable expenses and the Trip Leader has special privileges to edit the Strudel. Remember, all trip participants must be on TripCaddie and have accepted the trip invitation for this work most effectively.

Trip Galleries

Photo / Video Gallery - This is your private Photo and Video Gallery for this trip. Only the trip participants can upload and view photos and videos here.

Games - The Games Gallery is a collection of formats for groups to play on the golf course. All TripCaddie users are invited to pick any game from the gallery to use on a trip and are welcome to post new and comment on existing games in the gallery. TripCaddie is committed to maximizing your fun on your buddy golf trip.

Please Note: This feature is for entertainment purposes only. TripCaddie is not responsible for any competitive play, wagering/betting, or financial gains or losses. Please review the USGA Policy on Gambling.

Jokes - The Jokes Gallery is a collection of the best golf jokes and one-liners to take with you on your golf trip for a good laugh. The Joke Gallery is an open forum for all TripCaddie users to post new and comment on existing golf jokes and is for entertainment purposes only. TripCaddie is committed to maximizing your fun on your buddy golf trip.

DISCLAIMER: TripCaddie is not responsible for the content that others post and we do not tolerate any racial or sexist jokes that others find offensive. Any such jokes that are marked offensive will be removed immediately upon being reported to TripCaddie. If you have a concern about a joke, please report it immediately by clicking the "report" link.